The Art of Faking It

Sharon Leidle
8 June
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antidepressants, being a jew, being a useless woman, being chained to beds, being forever alone, being jelly, being lando's property, being locked in hotels, being rich, being stepford trophy wife, brother dear, buying slutty lingerie, curling my hair, definitely not akbadain ruins, descole, descole is sexy, duck hunting season, fabulousness, fapping, fapping to lando, feeling guilty, gentleman of miracles, glasses, incest, inns, jew gold, keeping special secret, knowing your place, lando, lando ascad, marriages of convenience, masks, money, montdol, my brother, my fake husband henry, my shotgun, not alford, not being awkward, not finding henry fapping, not gentleman of miracles, not long-eyelashed seducers, not mask of miracles, not my parents, not seeing henry often, not the kitchen, pearls, people looking like brother, putting the dog down, redheads, running off with descole, secretly sleeping around, sexy lingerie, shopping sprees, solving puzzles, straight men, the colour orange, throwing boring parties, tin tin candy, tra la la, trusting layton, using henry's credit card, waiting, waiting for a friend